The Community Center

The Jerusalem Open House operates as a community space, open to the public Sunday - Thursday from 12 pm to 4 pm. People can come to relax, and use the center's facilities. The community space offers a chance to use the JOH's library, which has the largest queer book collection in Israel outside a university. 


Teen and Youth Groups

Community Groups

Senior Groups

For more information contact Nataly

Community Director

  • Women's group 40+

  • Men's group 50+

For more information contact Ella

Senior Groups Coordinator

  • LGBTQ teens (13-18)

  • LGBTQ youth (18-22)

  • Religious teens (13-18)

  • Religious youth (18-22)

  • English Speakers 18-21

  • TransNoar: Transgender group (13-22)

  • Music Project


Every Saturday evening there is a "Shabentz" community open space for teens and young adults (22 and younger) with activities, food, and events. 

For more info contact Dean

Teens and Education Coordinator