Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance


The Jerusalem Open House organized the first Pride march in Jerusalem in 2002, and holds the Pride March annually ever since, despite the threats, the violence, and the challenges we faced over the years from conservative parties and aggressors. As the city’s largest human rights event, involving many thoughts of marchers, the Pride March enables participants to share the contemporary face of Jerusalem and publicly support LGBTQ people’s struggle for full rights in their city.


This year the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance is on:


June 6th, 2019


Hope to see you there!

Education for Tolerance 

In memory of Shira Baki

Following the murder of Shira Banki, a 16-year-old student, at the annual March for Pride and Tolerance in 2015, Jerusalem's LGBTQ community and its supporters were engulfed in confusion and anger. Shira was an idealistic, vocal supporter of her LGBTQ friends and a socially active teen, and acted to achieve a social change towards tolerance, pluralism, and equality. 


This tragedy sparked the Education for Tolerance program, in which our education team and volunteers conduct educational seminars around the city, reaching thousands of school pupils, teachers and counselors, soldiers and civic organizers in Jerusalem. The mission of the program is to educate and to create a more tolerant, welcoming and aware environment for the LGBTQ youth. 


The program includes 170 presentations annually and is based on the concept of engendering empathy through personal narratives and conversations about LGBTQ issues. These seminars reach thousands of students, teachers, and educational staff.