The psychosocial service

תמונה ראשית עמוד בריאות

Sometimes it is not easy to seek mental health care. Concerns about prejudice, lack of understanding and an unsafe environment intensify as LGBT people. That is why it is important for us to provide our communities with a dedicated and accessible solution in terms of process, cost and discretion. Starting in 2015, the Open House’s open counseling system offers mental health and psychosocial services. All services specified are provided professionally and discreetly in a safe and LGBT-friendly environment

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs mental support, treatment and assistance in crisis situations or in everyday life from the LGBT communities in Jerusalem and its surroundings, is invited to contact us.

To contact us, recieving more information, and making free apointments:

the psycosocial service manager: 
02-664-4429 | 058-592-8357 |


Our clinic offers psychotherapeutic treatments to community members and their families (ages 18+) at a reduced cost.

The treatment method is dynamic, the therapists are all qualified and experienced, have a master’s degree or higher and come from a variety of backgrounds – social work, psychology and therapy through the arts.

Our therapists have experience and knowledge in the areas of sexual and gender identity, but you can also contact them about any other topic. The treatment is not limited in time and takes place in the clinic of the open house in the city center or in the private clinic of the therapist.

We invite you not to be left with the predicament alone and contact us for assistance.

The treatments are provided at a discounted rate of NIS 240 per session.

Social support

As part of this service, you can meet with a social worker at the open house for psychosocial treatment, ? of rights and emotional support.

The service is provided free of charge and is operated in cooperation with the Municipal Unit for the Care of Youth, (Notzez) and the LGBT Association. The service is provided to residents of Jerusalem between the ages of 15 and 26. 

Our social workers have experience and knowledge in the areas of sexual and gender identity, but can also be contacted about any other topic.

For the LGBTQ+ family

The clinic for the gay family in Jerusalem provides a professional, accessible and reliable counseling and support package to regulate the entire set of couple and family life on an emotional level, couple or parental conduct and on a legal level. The clinic’s services for the family: couple therapy and counseling, parenting guidance, family therapy, support groups in beneficial parenting processes; Legal service – guidance and legal advice. Emphasizing the importance of regulating the legal and marital status of community members. Preparation of affidavits and referral to external attorneys who specialize in the field; in the Jerusalem district, the treatment and counseling service will be provided at the open house in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and the Association for the LGBT. The legal service will be provided by digital means, or face-to-face as needed in the Jerusalem District.

Therapy subsidization

In order to make mental health care accessible even to those who cannot pay the full cost, sometimes it is possible to subsidize part of the cost of treatment for a limited period. You can apply for a subsidy at the introductory meeting with the counseling coordinator or at any stage during the treatment.

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