Health at the Open House

The topic of physical and mental health in the LGBT community has occupied it since the day it was founded – through the founding events brought on by the AIDS epidemic, through the field of gender ? to the formation of the family and support in the pregnancy and adoption process. Medicine is the beating heart of our society, in which we meet every day and it has built us, and as such it is a revolutionary platform for change with the most accessible and important tools.

In light of this, the open house sees the field of health as one of the cores of its activities. Health workers and volunteers are focused on providing quality and holistic health services to the LGBT community in Jerusalem, along with promoting policies in the health field and educational and informational activities to ensure safe, accessible and quality health services for LGBT people and their unique needs.

In the field of health, the open house operates a number of services: mental health and psychosocial services (the open consultation), and sexual health (the open clinic – testing center for sexually transmitted diseases).

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