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Every day we change reality! Promote equality and emphasize that there is a place in Jerusalem for every community member. We operate the open clinic, the mental health clinic, our 30 groups. Together with more than 200 volunteers, we remind you that you don't have to choose between identities - the open house belongs to all of them.

How do we take action ?

Without the LGBT community in Jerusalem, there would be no open house in Jerusalem - and without the open house, we would not be a community.
We fight for an equal society with a place for each and one of us.


Medicine is the beating heart of our society. In the field of health, the open house operates several services.
Come take part and volunteer or donate to the open house activity.

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We are working to make Jerusalem a place where each person will have the freedom to be themselves

The jerusalem open house for pride and tolarance is a social change organization that operates an educational, therapeutic, multidisciplinary community center for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Since 1997, we work to turn jerusalem into a city where every person will have the freedom to be themselves and live their life, and to build an israeli liberal ploralist model society, whit full equal rights to sexual and gender minorities.

We do it in two main ways:

1. Providing services to the gay community in Jerusalem-  through a community center and a mental and physical health center that operates in the heart of the city and serves the entire diverse LGBT community.

2. Social change – through the Pride and Tolerance events in Jerusalem, public and legal struggles and an educational center that works with professionals in the fields of care, education and health, foreign delegations, businesses and formal and informal educational institutions from Israel and the world.

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