Ethics and safe enviorment

Since its establishment, the Open House has been committed to community and professional ethics and to maintaining a safe and protected space for all visitors.

Upon assuming the position, each volunteer, employee, therapist and activist signs the home’s code of sexual ethics.

The membera of the Association’s Executive Committee, members of the Audit Committee and members of the Hired Staff are signing a comprehensive letter of commitment as a condition for commencement.

As part of his membership in the Coalition of Organizations and Businesses in 2016, the Open House was a founding partner of a Charter for a Safe Sexual Space in the LGBT Community initiated by the Crisis Center for Victims of Sexual Assault in Tel Aviv.

General ethics

The Open House has an audit committee that retains all the powers in accordance with the NPOs Law regarding auditing in the association.

In our view, this authority includes a broad oversight of a variety of ethical issues, including – conflicts of interest, financial and administrative control, exposure of corruptions, and more. 

You can contact the Audit Committee by email- or-

In addition, ethical issues may always be addressed to members of the Executive Committee at (Reaching all members of the committee) and the house’s CEO, Nilli Mederer, at

Sexual ethics

The Open House’s Sexual Harassment Prevention superviser is Hadas Blumendal- Kerem.

Any visitor, volunteer, active, trainee, employee, service recipient or member of the  Open House community that feels like they have been sexualy harrased during an open house activity and/or in the Open House, and/or by an Open House employee, or was a witness to sexual harassment by someone else under these or similar circumstances – feel free to contact Hadas by email

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