The LGBTQ archive Jerusalem


The LGBTQ+ communal archive Jerusalem

In the community center in the open house we have an archive rich in items that tell the history of Jerusalem gay community.

The basis for the archive is the materials collected at the open house during its years of activity, and contributions from private archives from members and members of the LGBT community in the city. This unique collection of photos, magazines, art and documents is a direct link to the legacy of  LGBTQ people in Jerusalem, and the long journey of Our community is out of the closet.

To coordinate a visit to the archive, or to coordinate a donation to the archive, contact us at or by phone at 02-6250502

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The open library

Our library has a collection of about 3000 books, reference and reading books, which are an opening to a cultural world that deals with gender equality and diversity, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, and above all – the story of the LGBT community.

As a routine, our library hosts the social groups of the various community programs, but we also get to hold changing cultural events there. Our library events are held both at the open house itself and throughout the city of Jerusalem, with the aim of bringing a lively LGBTQ culture to every place where LGBTQ people live. You are welcome to come, browse and borrow books!