Family doctor

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You deserve a family doctor that excepts you for who you are. Yes, in Jerusalem as well.

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to find a doctor who speaks our language, who entering their office doesn’t feel like coming out of the closet every time. Sometimes these difficulties hurt us, mentally and physically, when we don’t feel comfortable enough to say whatever is on our hearts and ask for all the health adjustments we deserve as a basic right.
Precisely for those reasons, the open house has a LGBTQ friendly family doctor, for everyone who was looking for a safe and kind place to ask questions and be interested.

How ro contact us?

Who? | DR Yael Ronen, en expert in her profession, sees pations at our open clinic and gives LGBTQ+ friendly services.

Who is this service for? | The full service is intended at this stage for customers of ‘Klalit’ HMO. Patients who are clients of other HMOs are happily invited to receive medical advice, but it will not be possible to issue them referrals or certificates – only private prescriptions.

When | DR Yael Ronen sees pations at the open clinic’s office hours, every other Sunday between 17:00-20:00.

To make an appointment, you can WhatsApp the following number – 0585565415

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